We're deep into our winter girl- era bronzers, and as much as we love snuggling in with our jumpers, watching our fave shows, and sipping our hot chocolates, the one thing we're not about is dry, dull and, flaky skin!

We're literally in shock that enjoying all the wondrous parts of winter like the snow, sitting by the fire and, enjoying long hot showers are the exact things that dry the hell out of our skin.

During the wintery months make time to prioritise your skincare routine, to ensure you're keeping your skin hella hydrated and nourished. Why not add a touch of glow while you're at it to help put a pep in your step, the next time you leave the house (which for us, is not very often in winter)!

We've curated the best self-tanning products for you to use in your skin routines to ensure your winter skin THRIVES:

Wanting to hydrate your skin whilst developing a natural glow?

During the cooler months, our skin is screaming to be moisturised at all times. Our Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser will be your winter skin bestie that develops the most subtle glow with each application whilst also hydrating and nourishing the skin. We're all about a multi-tasking lotion, so why not combine all the benefits of a skin-loving moisturiser with the ultimate self-tanner?

For best results, we recommend exfoliating prior, and moisturising the skin once or twice a day to develop the most natural-looking glow!

Wanting your summer glow back?

In the depths of winter, sometimes all we crave is our summer skin! So why not treat yourself and give your skin the summer glow up it deserves with our Eclipse Tanning Mousse? Get that 'just came back from a tropical vacay' tan from the comfort of your own home, whilst giving your skin the hydration and nourishment it needs.

Make sure you exfoliate the skin using our Exfoliating Mitt prior to your application and let our mousse work its magic! For flawless results, apply the mousse using a Self Tanning Mitt... It does all the work for you!

Wanting to add a touch of glow to the face?

We're all about life hacks here at LB, so what if we said to you that you could get ready in the morning in just 5 minutes? Our Illume Face Tanning Mist gives you the spritz of glow needed to continue your day without any makeup! Enjoy all the benefits of a skin-loving face mist that develops a super fresh glow.

Simply, spritz your freshly cleansed skin 3-5 times over the face, and watch our magical skin mist develop the most beautiful glow, whilst also giving your skin all the hydration it needs. 

Want to fake a full night's sleep?

Mom's, this one is for you! If you want to give off that 'I had a full night's sleep' energy, then our tanning drops will be your holy grail skin product. Our Good Night Face Bronzing Serum is the ultimate solution for achieving a beautiful, natural-looking sunless tan while you catch those zzz's! Enriched with Australian botanicals, our tanning drops will also brighten, hydrate, and nourish the skin. So your skin will be giving you some major thanks!

In the PM, simply mix 3-5 drops in with your fave nightly moisturiser, and wake up to a healthy, skin-loving glow!

Wanting to exfoliate the hell out of your skin?

Is your skin feeling tough, dry, and scaly, too? Don't worry, we feel you! To keep your skin thriving all winter long, ensuring you maintain a skin exfoliation routine should be your top priority. Make sure you grab your Exfoliating Mitt and give the skin a good scrub 2-3 times per week. This will make sure you're getting rid of any dry skin, making way for a fresh new glow. 

Let us know which is your favourite self-tanning product to use on your winter skin!