No matter how much of a seasoned DIY tanner you are, sometimes a fake tan disaster can and does happen. Whether you’ve got tell-tale tanned palms, left the tan on for longer than what was recommended, or missed entire body parts (we’re looking at you, hard to reach places), mistakes happen.

But we’re here to deliver some good news: if you mess up your faux glow, no matter how bad it is, there are ways to fix it. We promise. When you need to fix your self-tan setback immediately, we’ve got just the products you need. Read on for our tried-and-tested tips and tricks.

How to get rid of fake tan mistakes at home

Made a giant blunder when applying your self-tan? Or maybe you want a fresh coat in time for the weekend and you’ve still got remnants of last week’s tan on your body? Whatever your reason for wanting to remove your tan, you won’t need to soak in a bathtub full of Epsom salts or scrub your skin raw with baking soda. Instead, all you need is our non-abrasive Luna Bronze Back to Base Body Exfoliant and Luna Bronze Exfoliating Mitt.

Ready to get started?


Take a hot shower or bath. A sweat session can help soften the tan on your skin, prepping it for take-off. After you’ve spent some time sweating, rub your skin gently with a wet towel to further break down any extra stubborn tan stains. Now, your skin should be feeling supple.


Next, here’s where you’ll want to get into some serious exfoliation action. Let our Exfoliating Mitt and Body Exfoliant work their magic as they effectively remove your fake tan without the need for abrasive scrubbing. Fast-acting and gentle at the same time, our self-tan remover formula is enriched with active skincare ingredients such as Glycolic Acid, fermented Papaya Extract, and JoJoba spheres that assist with exfoliating the skin whilst natural and organic hydrating oils and powerful antioxidants work together to leave your skin hydrated, smooth - and ready for that fresh layer of new fake tan.

Simply apply a small amount of Back to Base Body Exfoliant to your Exfoliating Mitt and buff your skin in a clockwise direction to remove the tan from the skin.


You can also skip the shower and apply Back to Base Body Exfoliant to your dry skin and leave it for up to five minutes, allowing the Glycolic Acid to really work its magic by lifting the tan from your skin. Then, rinse off and buff with our Exfoliating Mitt until the tan is all gone.

And that’s it! We told you there really is nothing to it when you want to remove fake tan.

How to avoid a fake tan disaster

They say prevention is better than cure, so keep in mind these tanning tips to ensure your next self-tanning application is streak-free and even:

  • Avoid wearing deodorant or perfume before or immediately after you have applied your fake tan.
  • Ensure you wax or shave at least 24 hours before applying your fake tan
  • Wait for your fake tan to absorb. Don’t wear tight clothing immediately after application.

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