Tell us a bit about yourself 

Hey friends! I’m Bailey aka a crazy dog mom, vegan, workaholic, animal lover, entrepreneur, podcaster, reality tv junkie… the list really goes on and on. I’m also the Founder of PLAY Digital which is a creative media agency dedicated to elevating game changing brands of all size. We work with brands like Finders Keephers, The Blonde Files Podcast, The Papaya Podcast… and you guessed it, Luna Bronze! I’m also 1/2 of the podcast What Day Is It? Which is basically the digital version of happy hour. We touch on everything including topics such as racism, sexual health, hormones, reality tv experiences, entrepreneurialism and much more.

Bailey from Play Digital

What does a day in the life of you look like?

Oh man, there’s not really a typical day. COVID has definitely created a bit more of a routine for me as I don’t travel as much now but my mornings always start off with a dog licking my face so she can have her breakfast lol. From there I make my go-to morning coffee which is Nespresso with 1/2 tbsp of coconut oil BLENDED (they key is to blend it so it gets nice and creamy). Then if the weathers nice I usually sit out on my patio, write in my gratitude journal, listen to a podcast and chill out to set the vibe for my day ahead. I used to be someone who jumped into their inbox first thing in the morning but slowing down and taking time for myself before starting my day has really shifted how my days feel. After that I get right to work, this can be anything from answering emails, to jumping on client calls, team meetings via zoom, content creation shoots, podcasting, editing our podcast, graphic design, so so much! I try to always get a workout in mid day to boost my mood, energy and move my body from being a working couch potato. I try to unplug from work around 7PM, sometimes it’s earlier, sometimes it’s later but then I spend some time cooking dinner, listening to a playlist and getting off technology to reset my brain. There’s also usually a glass of wine involved if I’m being honest. And from there I always end my night with a 437 step skincare routine… ok not 437 steps but it’s obnoxious how many steps there are. Each step has a purpose though and I ALWAYS use my Illume Facial Mist morning and night! It’s a game changer.

Bailey from Play Digital
There have been some significant social events this year, in particular we'd like to talk about the Black Lives Matter movement. How has this impacted you and your business along with the businesses you work so closely with?

I love that your team is talking about this and it’s a topic I’m very passionate about. I think for me when it first came to the forefront I was very, to be completely honest, scared to speak up but I recognized right away that we all just had to start by speaking up, it didn’t matter what we were saying as long as we were using our voices for change. It’s been a first to navigate for so many in the digital and work space. I work with a lot of clients so my first action was to touch base with them and ask how they were planning to incorporate this into their brand values and create tangible actions that would move the needle going forward. PLAY didn’t write any copy for any of our PLAYers (clients) surrounding BLM as we knew this message needed to come directly from the brands team. It was also incredibly important for me to reassess how PLAY can do better moving forward. I’ve given my team paid days to educate themselves on BIPOC communities and their history. We’ve also created a Book Club as a part of our PLAY It Forward initiative. The Book Club is open to our community and is a safe space where we can all come together as we unpack the book White Fragility and discuss our own biases, past racist actions, cultural appropriate and how we’re learning/unlearning together. I also really wanted to help highlight BIPOC entrepreneurs and have been working with one BIPOC owned business per month giving them complimentary services to help support them in the digital space. Most recently our team worked with Mumgry (@mumgry) and if you’re a nut butter fan holy smokes run, don’t walk and get the Pistachio Chocolate Almond Butter and thank me later.

The BLM movement has provoked much needed conversations between brands and the BIPOC community, how do you think it has changed the digital landscape?

Truthfully, I am still learning how it is changing the digital space and I think that is a good thing because we still have such a far way to go. I think when we look at social media in regards to BLM we have to remember it is a tool, not the solution. We can use it to educate ourselves, diversify our feed and our mind, find new BIPOC owned businesses to support and hear new BIPOC voices but at the end of the day the only action we take cannot be limited to social media. The real work is going to be done offline so I think that in the digital space a lot of accountability will be held on brands, influencers and individuals at the forefront of this space. Social Media platforms are where conversations will start and be heard the loudest but not where the conversations end. My hope for the digital space is that when we see a channel that isn’t inclusive that is the abnormal view vs. accounts that feature diversity across race, gender, non-binary, age, body size, etc.

What are some ways businesses and individuals can take action behind the scenes?

We have to start weaving active anti-racist actions into our day to day life, whether that is suggesting BIPOC influencers when White influencers are being reached out to or using BIPOC models in campaigns, carrying BIPOC owned brands in your store, creating diversity within the work space and paying BIPOC for their voices if we’re seeking out direct education/resources from them. I think the biggest thing we call all do is commit to doing the work, for the rest of our lives and not just when there is a societal pressure from social media, call out culture and loss of business. This has to stem from your personal core values and genuine commitment to get uncomfortable in the efforts of creating change.