Hi Bailey and Jacci! Welcome to The Luna Bronze Galaxy - please introduce yourselves.

B. Hey friends! I’m Bailey (duh). I’m a serial entrepreneur founding Play Digital, State of Grace and most recently What Day Is It podcast found on Apple i-Tunes and Spotify. I love coffee, animals and sarcasm… oh and Luna Bronze OBVIOUSLY!

J. Hey friendships! So happy to be here, I’m Jacci. My weeks are crazy busy working two jobs and playing a sport but I won’t bore you with that. When I have some down time you can find me out for a drink with friends, binge watching some reality tv, staring at cute babies and laughing at literally any funny animal video (mostly dogs). And, if you’ve been listening you know that I am the queen of baths. Yep, even in the morning.

Tell us about What Day Is It (WDII) podcast and how the idea and the came about? This name for a podcast is so relatable.

B. Hahaha it’s good right? We wanted a name that is relatable, catchy and memorable. We went back and forth but we always ask ourselves this question and once we said it, it was a no brainer. But basically WDII is a podcast for everyone who is confused about everything. We talk about girl problems, behind the scenes of business, interview amazing people from celebs to entrepreneurs to our best friends. Basically it’s like the digital version of happy hour.

J. Honestly, have to give B all the credit here for our name! We bounced some ideas off of each other in the beginning and I 100% suggested some ridiculous names. Once B suggested the name it kind of felt like things were falling in to place. B described WDII perfectly. It’s so cool to skip the phone call/texts/emails and sit down over a glass of wine (or two) and get to know someone like we used too. I was born in 1996 but I like to think I used to sit down and get to know people over a glass of wine in the 90’s.

What other hats do you wear besides the WDII podcast? We know you girls are very busy (and also very inspiring) with a few ventures. Spill the details.

B. Well aside from WDII we also run @playdigital which is a creative digital culture (our fancy name for an agency) where we help brands (like Luna Bronze woo!) and influencers of all sizes connect and create a strong digital footprint! I also have my brand/e-commerce store State of Grace which is also sold in retailers across the globe!

J. Alongside my job at Play Digital I am also a server, field hockey player and a wicked thrifter. I’d also like to formally place the “avid bather” hat on top of my head, because that counts right?!

We are absolutely loving WDII podcast here at Luna Bronze HQ. Tell us, what is your favourite segment? And do you have any new segments in the pipeline you can share with us?

B. AHH THANK YOU! We are so grateful for your girls support, it warms my black soul. I think my fav segment is our Cute But Psycho one because it lets us make fun of ourselves while also pushing us to celebrate something we accomplished!

J. Okay I second this. Cute But Psycho is so so fun to share…I love telling stories that make myself and people laugh, whether that is with me or at me…I will take whatever I can get! It’s a good reminder to not take life too seriously, everyone has a little cute and psycho (but mostly psycho) in them. We are always brainstorming new segments, stay tuned!

Do you think podcasts are starting to have the power and reach that social media has had in recent times?

B. 10000000% yes! I think podcasting is just catching on and those who are a part of the space now have the opportunity to create a strong presence for themselves. No one thought blogs would have success, longevity and monetisation but look at the bloggers now like Jillian Harris (@jillian.harris), Sincerely Jules (@sincerelyjules), Rach Parcell of Pink Peonies (@rachparcell) who have been in the game since it started, they’ve pioneered an entire industry.

The other thing about podcasts is that listeners are making a conscious choice to tune in so they already trust the podcast because they’re giving it their time which is SO valuable. It’s not something that you came across on the radio or popping up on the explore page of Instagram - these listeners sought out the podcasts their listening to which gives this platform incredible power vs. other digital spaces.

J. Okay, but how the heck do I follow this? She’s so well spoken and basically answered the question perfectly. For me, I love that podcasts have resorted back to the basics. Finding time to actually sit down and chat with your guest makes it so real and personal which is something the world is lacking in. I love getting lost in conversation not realising we are running 30 minutes over. People crave connection and are gravitating to podcasts for this reason of building that connection, whether it be with hosts or guests. This makes it such an easy gateway to gain that power and reach you asked about. In a world of emails/texting podcasts are refreshing for every person involved.

Bailey we know you are a vegan.  Can you please share your favourite vegan beauty brands?

B. I SURE AM - love animals more than anything. Jacci always says we don’t deserve them and she’s so so right. Honestly, and I am not just saying this, I LOVE Luna Bronze - I was a customer for years before we even connected and I will be for life. Other vegan beauty brands I love though would be…

Luna Bronze - Eclipse and Radiant, couldn’t live without. No lie, I am a die hard now and you guys have really in all seriousness changed my outlook on tanning and skin care. Appreciate you ladies and educating me on this topic that isn’t talked about as often as it should be.

Glo Skin & Beauty - love their contour palette and luxe setting powder

Ouai Haircare - wave spray and hair oil are a game changer and smell so yummy

Glossier - obsessed with their Boy Brow, Solution Skin Perfecting Exfoliator and Balm Dot Com Salves.

K’Pure Naturals - owned by one of my friends who is killing it but I use the Clean Slate (smells like Jolly Ranchers), Lighten Up Serum and Go Getter Moisturser every single night! She also has a really great natural deodorant that WORKS! Oh and the Perk Up scrub. Clearly I love this brand.

Anastasia - contour palette (just want to throw this in there I introduced B to this palette, it’s the best) and brow pencil (brow pomade for me, lasts for months..I will never stray away from this product)

Lush Cosmetics - bath bombs all the way! Second this! They also have an amazing moisturiser called Charity Pot where proceeds go to different organizations. This company is amazing and so, so inspiring.

Frank Bod - love love love love their scrubs

So Luxury - their Blush Soak is amazing and another local company run by two women, Magnesium Oil (helps you sleep) & Muscle Salve 10/10 recommend.

What’s next for WDII and the gals behind the mic?

B. Lots of dysfunction haha. We actually have quite a bit of travel coming up!! We’re off to LA, Toronto, Vegas and hopefully Australia (wink wink) so stay tuned because we have some amazing guests lined up!

J. LOTS. Can’t wait to continue sharing with you guys. Not sure if I am allowed to say this but we are pretty well booked for the next few months here and that makes me smile ear to ear. I’m so excited to be on the road traveling with B by my side.