Once you master the art of tanning your hands and feet, it quickly becomes a breeze! Thankfully, we have the simple steps to get you there.
Luna Bronze Blog - How To Tan Your Hands and Feet
We all know the embarrassment that comes with incorrectly applying tan to our hands and feet. The patchy, uneven and shocking results of absent-mindedly running product over these areas will have you reaching for your gloves and socks, every time.
Once you master the art of tanning your hands and feet, it quickly becomes a breeze! Thankfully, we have the simple steps to get you there.
Step 1:
Preparation. You know the drill! 24 hours before application, exfoliate your hands and feet, along with the rest of your body with Back to Base Body Exfoliant. As always, buff in circular motions, to reveal silky, smooth skin.
Step 2: 
Prior to application, pop some lotion or Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser onto your hands and feet, and while you’re at it put a tiny bit on the elbows too. This is a crucial step, as these areas get quite dry and the moisturiser will also act as a barrier. 
Dry skin = patchy mess; and nobody wants that! 
Step 3:
Now the fun part, application! Once you have applied tan to your body with our Self Tanning Mitt, use any leftover product on the hands and feet. We do not recommend adding any new product to the mitt, as this is where things can get messy!
For your hands, stretch out your fingers, into a claw shape. Sweep all over the hands and fingers, being sure not to miss the inside of the fingers or the indents of the knuckles.
Now, moving onto your feet. In the same motion, cover the feet and toes with that leftover tan. Get in between all the toes and take care around the ankles, ensuring all areas are covered evenly.
LB Tip: If you are still having trouble with achieving the perfect coverage, reach for a large, dense makeup brush to apply your product. Pop a tiny bit of tan onto the brush, and buff all around hands and feet. Always wash your makeup brush in between uses, as you would your tanning mitt, so you are guaranteed the best results!

Step 4:
Use a wet wipe to remove any unwanted tan from the palms, soles of the feet, nails and cuticles (because nobody wants to ruin their manicure in the process of getting their tan on.)
Step 5:
To prolong the tan, moisturise daily, giving extra love to the hands and feet. The key to a perfect tan is ensuring the skin is hydrated and free from dry patches. Regular use of lotion will do just this!
Follow these 5 simple steps for a flawless and natural tan, head to toe. No more embarrassing encounters, where the orange lines on your hand are a dead giveaway that last night was Tan Thursday. Woohoo!
Now go give it a shot; a beautiful, even tan awaits you.

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