Luna Bronze Review

By Hippie Luxe

Hands up who is sick of being a pasty grey with a tinge of purple shade? Oh how I miss our Summer sunshine…and having a glow. Well this sleek black bottle of tan giving goodness may be THE numero uno staple for the Winter months.

I know a thing or two about fake-tanning. Just ask a girlfriend of mine who met me well over a decade ago and actually thought I was Indian because I was so bronze skinned!! Ha…I was hitting the tanning beds pretty religiously (so bad!!) plus I also have an Indian sounding name, and I had a nose ring at the time!

In my 20’s I was a St Tropez girl. Like as loyal as they come…I felt so exotic when I was tanned up with St Tropez. It actually makes me feel a bit ill when I think about the amount of damage I probably did to my skin and overall health dousing myself in that for a good 10 years, twice a week!

Now I am a little wiser (!) I steer clear of synthetic and chemical ridden lotions and potions of any sort, including chemical sunscreen, and sun beds (far out, what were the 90’s about!) and will ONLY use naturally derived products on my outer protective layer. There really is no excuse these days as the natural alternatives are much better than the ‘commercial’ and just as affordable, accessible and cool too.

A new self tanning product I have been using and loving is the relatively new brand Luna Bronze. You kind of know its going to be good with that name, and the cool sleek black packaging it comes in. 

Firstly it is a GRADUAL tanning moisturiser. Normally my regime is apply-it-at-night-and-wake-up-effing-black-the-next-morning-thanks. I think the issue I had in the past with gradual tanning moisturisers is that I just didn’t like the feel or smell of it on my skin for the day/night.

BUT, Luna Bronze has transformed that mindset that was holding me back from my tanning judgements. This lotion goes on really easily and quickly absorbs, plus it just smells so subtle. Of Mandarin mainly, and a touch of Ylang Ylang (which is fab for the skin!) SO much so that you could use it ever day after the shower. Or slather it on in the evening and sleep your way to bronze-ness. I find I am a great colour after 2 days of use! Too easy..

Luna Bronze is full to the brim of skin loving ingredients like Organic ALOE VERA (its main ingredient),  Organic COCONUT OIL, Organic GOJI BERRIES (hello antioxidants), Organic ROSE HIP OIL, JOJOBA OIL WHEAT GERM OIL, a little CAFFEINE and lovely ESSENTIAL OILS of Mandarin, Ylang Ylang and Lemon Myrtle.

The tanning effect comes from the Dihydroxyacetone which in this case is derived from plants and is 100% natural per EcoCert standards.

Derived from sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane, by the fermentation of glycerin. DHA causes a chemical reaction with amino acids in the surface cells of the skin producing a darkening effect, but does not damage skin as it only affects the outermost cells of the epidermis. It is the only FDA approved sunless tanning ingredient. 

A huge bonus is that the 200ml bottles seems to be powered up by Duracell and just keeps on giving. I’ve had it for about 4 months, used it twice a week for about a month and then probably a double app every fortnight since (does that make sense!)