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Get Your Glow On: Nicole Zajac Reveals Her Secrets to Achieving the Perfect Self Tan

Get Your Glow On: Nicole Zajac Reveals Her Secrets to Achieving the Perfect Self Tan

We are so incredibly excited to bring to our Lunaverse the Nicole Zajac x Luna Bronze Sunless Tanning Club Capsule! Nicole has been an OG bronzer with us since the beginning and has always been able to nail the perfect self tan application. We were lucky enough to catch up with Nicole, to chat all things self tanning, confidence and her wedding!

The Nicole Zajac x Luna Bronze Capsule goes on sale Wed 10 May. Register for pre-sale access here to secure yours 24hrs ahead of time!

A note from Nicole 💜
From the moment I received my first bottle of Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse back in 2020, I knew I would continue to build a relationship with Luna Bronze. I’m someone who is always striving to be my most confident, radiant self. My main goal is to just feel confident in my body, and having the perfect sunless glow definitely helps me achieve a level of confidence.
After growing up going to tanning beds weekly to learning about skin health and sun safety, I have never looked back, and that is what I appreciate most about Luna Bronze – their brand story, and emphasis on sun safety.
I have happily selected my favorite Luna Bronze glow products, tanning applicators, and specially designed, with help of the LB Team, an oversized tanning T-shirt to rock during your weekly tanning routine, because who doesn't love an oversized graphic T-shirt? Stay bronzed and sun safe my loves!
Thank you for being such a star in our Lunaverse! What initially drew you to Luna Bronze all those years ago, and what has made you want to continue working with us?

I honestly fell in love with the brand the minute I heard about Luna Bronze. What I love about the brand the most is the focus on sun safety and your entire brand story around it! I grew up baking in the sun, using tanning beds multiple times a week and always wanting to achieve the perfect sun kissed look and never really thought about how it could be putting my skin at risk and damaging it. I love that I can achieve the same results (if not better) from a bottle, year round!

Tell us, what is your favourite Luna Bronze product and why?

My favourite Luna Bronze product is definitely the Total Eclipse Tanning mousse! Every time I use it, my tan comes out PERFECT and I always get so many compliments on my tan! A close second would have to be the Good Night Face Bronzing Serum, it’s so easy to use and gives your face that perfect subtle glow in between tans!

What is your number one best self tanning hack/tip?

My #1 hack is using the Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse and a fine tip makeup brush to create faux freckles! They look so natural when done with the mousse!

We’ve all had a horrid self tan experience 😅 Can you tell us about a time you experienced a #faketanfail?

Omg I’ve definitely had a few!! The one that sticks out to me is the first time I used the Solar Eclipse Clear Tanning Mousse… It was my first time ever using a clear self tanner and I wasn't sure how long to leave it on for. I ended up deciding to sleep in it and 14HRS later I was SUPER TANNED and realised I did not do as good of a job blending as I thought I did!!!! Now I’m sure to blend extra well every time I use the Solar Eclipse!

We’re incredibly happy for you, as you’re about to be a bride soon (congrats 💍)! Can you give us a little sneak peak into your beautiful wedding day?

Thank you!! We are so excited about the big day, it’s coming so fast! We are having our closest family and friends out to Greece for our wedding! And no, we aren’t Greek, we just think it is such a beautiful place! We originally wanted to elope but couldn’t picture our day without the closest people in our lives being there. It’s going to be magical!

We’re absolutely sure you will be glowing at your wedding, but can you tell us what your pre-wedding self tan routine will look like?

Of course my favourite Luna Bronze products will be coming with me to Greece! 2 days prior to the wedding I’ll be using Solar Eclipse Tanning Mousse as it’s clear and transfer proof (I’ve tested it during all my wedding events when I wear white) so it’s perfect for the lead up to the wedding day! I always like to tan 2 days prior to an event to achieve the perfect bronze!

Sun safety is incredibly important at LB! Can you tell us about how you look after your skin?

Sun safety is something that is incredibly important to me! I wear SPF daily, yes, even in the winter, to protect my face and neck. My skincare routine is probably the most important routine in my life. My family has a history of skin cancer, so I try my best to protect it as much as possible.

Body image is something that everyone can struggle with from time to time. We love how confident you are and how, open and honest you are with your journey! Are you able to tell us a bit about your self love journey and how you built your incredibly glowing confidence?

Confidence to me is a state of mind – we are all able to be confident and glowing beings. It’s easy to get caught up in negative self talk or wrapped up in body image but I think we can all give ourselves a little more grace. Our bodies are vessels to LIVE in, and I think a lot of people hold themselves back from living because they aren’t confident in their bodies or because they aren’t confident in themselves. The two things that I always remind myself of is 1) your body is the least interesting thing about you. 2) Not everyone is going to like you or understand you, but what's most important is that you like yourself, and you know yourself.

What is one piece of advice you can give someone about loving your body and feeling confident?

Comparison is the thief of joy. Someone else's beauty does not take away from your own, and just because you can’t see the beauty you hold, doesn't mean that other people don't see it either. Find pieces of yourself you love, it doesn’t have to be physical, it can be personality traits, quirks, achievements, etc. Be proud of those pieces of you. And be confident enough to know that you are so much more than your body!

If you could hop on a flight tomorrow with your fiance, where would your next travel destination be and why?

We have been talking about going to Bali for years and have had to postpone our trip 3 times due to covid, so that will probably be our next big adventure when the wedding is over and we find time in our schedules to venture off! My fiance travelled to the Philippines before we started dating and it was his favourite place he’s been. The culture, the people, the beaches, everything. He never made it over to Bali, so we would love to tick that off our bucket list and maybe go back to the Philippines so he can show me how amazing Asia really is!

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