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How to nail your holiday glow

How to nail your holiday glow

This year has flown by so fast and we cannot keep up!

One minute we're clinking glasses celebrating the start of 2022 and suddenly Christmas is around the corner? Someone pour us another drink already!

As we're all in DEEP in the last minute rush for Christmas, let us remind you to take care of yourself too! Juggling all the jobs on Christmas day can be TOUGH, which is why it's super important to have some down time to CTFO!

So why not use that chill time to give your skin the most beautiful looking glow there could be! Your skin could be shining as bright as the star on your tree! Oh and what if we told you that your skin would be hella cared for at the same time?

Let us give you the pre-holiday lowdown on how to nail your fake tan for Christmas whilst also hiding away from all your responsibilities for just a hot moment!

For our winter bronzers, we recommend using our Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser! Enriched with Vitamins A, B & E, it will hydrate the hell out of your skin, leaving it silky smooth. But mot importantly, it gradually builds the most natural looking tan with each application!

In preparation, you should exfoliate and shave the skin prior to applying our lotion to give your tan the most perfect base. We recommend applying our GG 2-3 days prior to Christmas to ensure your colour is looking 10/10 💯🔥. Your skin will literally be screaming for GG in the cold weather!

For our southern hemisphere bronzers, who should be getting their glow from a bottle and not the sun 👀, Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse will be your match! With the MINUTE we have to ourselves, if we're going to need it STAT, so our Total E will give you a deep bronze in just 1-3 hours!

Make sure you shave and exfoliate the skin prior to your application, grab your damn tanning mitt and blend, blend, blend! Let your tan marinate for an hour (you can literally still be doing your Christmas chores whilst your glow is developing) and voila! A dark, holiday-ready glow!

And this tip is for all the bronzers who want an extra minute to themselves. There is literally nothing worse than having to yell out to someone to help tan your back. They have to come in, complain and mouse whilst tanning your back, and honestly, we don't have time or energy for that. So let us introduce you to our Self Tan Back Applicator

Our handy back applicator will make applying your tan to your back a dream! Pump your mousse onto the centre of your mitt, grab each end and blend, blend, blend. There is absolutely no whinging with this tool, so you can thank us later 🙌🏼

We hope you enjoy this holiday period with your family and friends Lunaverse! Remember to take some self care time out, and get your holiday glow on!

Let us know which LB product you use for the festive season this year!

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