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How To Tan Your Back

How To Tan Your Back

Is there anything worse than reaching the end of your self-tanning session, only to remember that you can’t reach your back?

In these situations, you are faced with two options; you can either awkwardly pop your head out of the bathroom, half covered by a towel, yelling for the closest person to come and lend a helping hand. OR you can do it solo, contorting your body into all sorts of shapes, leaving you with an uneven tan, and a major shoulder cramp.

Neither option sounds all that desirable. This is where our new Self-Tan Back Applicator comes to save the day. Made from premium material, this reusable applicator will give you the perfect, even tan. Every. Single. Time. 

For a flawlessly bronzed back with our new Back Applicator, follow these 3 easy steps.

Step 1:

Firstly, ensure your back applicator is dry and clean. Apply your desired amount of product to the centre of the velour side of the back applicator. This is best used with the Total Eclipse Express Tanning Mousse or the Eclipse Tanning Mousse.

Step 2:

Place the back applicator behind your back, gripping both handles in each hand. Start moving the applicator in side-to-side motions across the back of the body, evenly buffing the tan into the skin.

LB TIP: The mirror is your best friend in the tanning process! Keep an eye on the mirror while using the applicator, to ensure coverage is even.

Step 3:

Once your tan application is complete, and looking fabulous, next is the most important part, sitting and relaxing. Like all our tans, make sure your tan has completely dried before putting on clothes, then kick back and await your perfect bronze glow. We recommend you put on loose, dark clothing to prevent your tan staining any materials. The tan will develop over 6-8 hours.
LB TIP: Always wash your back applicator, much like you would your regular mitt. This will ensure tan application is on point, every time. To do this, hand-wash the applicator with warm soapy water, between applications, then lay it flat, to dry.
There you have it, a very easy back applicator to add to your tanning routine. Gone are the struggles of doing it on your own… because baby we have your back!

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