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Meet the Multitaskers

Meet the Multitaskers

You may think that Luna Bronze products just give you a stunning sun-free glow. And, duh, you'd be right. 

But is that all they do? Absolutely NOT!

That's right - some of the superstars of our LB range are SERIOUSLY legendary triple-threats (or quadruple, or quintuple!). 

They're basically the Beyonce of self-tanners, so scroll down for your meet-and-greet and find out just what they can do.

Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser 

Glow's our OG tanning hero. This tanning moisturiser definitely has the range, with the ability to give you a subtle glow or a truly radiant bronze with its buildable coverage.

Plus, it's jam-packed with skin-loving ingredients that hydrate and nourish to help your glow keep on glowin'!

Illume Face Tanning Mist 

For such a cute little bottle, Illume seriously packs a punch. 

Not only does it give you the glowing complexion of your dreams, it also refreshes your skin with it's moisturising formula, AND it sets your makeup, AND it extends the life of your tan...honestly, we could go on all day!

Good Night Face Bronzing Serum 

We're always keen for a Good Night at LB. 

Pop this serum on before bed, and it'll get to work overnight, giving you a delicious, natural face tan ready to slam that alarm off and take on the day. 

Not only that, it's packed with natural Aussie antioxidants and Vitamin C, so it gets right into those oh-so-stubborn areas, leaving you with a dazzling complexion. Now THAT'S multitasking. 

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