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New Look, Same Glow: Say hello to a new era of Luna Bronze

New Look, Same Glow: Say hello to a new era of Luna Bronze

Luna Bronze, the it-girl self tan brand from Australia, has this week revealed a fresh new look aimed at better communicating the brand’s vibrant persona and market positioning. 

After almost 8 years on the beauty shelves of those craving a year-round summer glow, and following a booming year of e-commerce success across international markets, an evolution of the visual identity and marketing ‘facelift’ was a timely decision. 

Saying farewell to the existing all black packaging to make way for a high-energy color palette, whilst also re-evaluating the sustainability of materials used in packaging is just the tip of the iceberg of a major brand shift set to happen over the next 12-24 months. 

With 12 different SKUs across the range already, and plenty more in the works for the coming year, the brand has carefully considered how each product fits into the customers skincare and tanning routine. As part of the new look, each product has its own unique color to make it easy to tell which is which, while also bringing a fresh, current and playful feel to beauty lovers' bathroom shelves.

To date, Luna Bronze’s core customer demographic has typically been women in their 30s, said Maddy Balderson, Luna Bronze co-founder and director. The last 12 months have been huge for the brand’s ecommerce growth, and alongside this there has also been a shift in interest from a younger demographic, with Balderson commenting that capturing this Gen Z customer would be essential in achieving their projected sales growth of 30% this year. 

Co-founder and creative director, Rhiannon Hall, also commented that the original Luna Bronze packaging didn’t properly communicate what the brand was about. “We’re really aiming to bring to life the personality that has been hidden behind a minimal and sleek design, while also using color to create a seamless journey for the consumer when selecting products for their sunless tanning preferences.”

The rebrand announcement comes after the success of Luna Bronze’s two most recent product launches, Solar Eclipse Clear Tanning Mousse and Illume Tanning Water. Both products launched into market with the more evolved packaging and have been responsible for much of the brand’s success over the past 12 months. Both products have developed cult-followings, including Hilary Duff, who on the evening of June 22 shared a video of her spritzing the tanning water on her face and décolletage to her 26M Instagram Story followers. 

The complete rebrand rollout will continue into 2024, with brand-new products and additional innovative packaging coming to life as part of Luna Bronze’s brand expansion.

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