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No More Fake Tan Fails

No More Fake Tan Fails

We all have an embarrassing story or two about that beauty trend in high school that we just couldn’t pull off. Whether it was those bangs that got cut way too short or those eyebrows that were plucked within an inch of your life. You’re not alone in making a few mistakes along the way.

So to make you feel a little more at home and a little less self-conscious, we wanted to share some words of wisdom that might help you on your own tanning journey! 

The Old Days of Terrible Tans

Back in the day sunless-tanning was a bit of a hassle.

A lot of the time, it would end up looking far too orange or fake. It was hard to achieve that natural, sun-kissed look that we all desperately wanted. Not to mention we knew nothing about proper application, so blotches and streaks were definitely a running theme for a lot of us.

Maddy, one of the founders at Luna Bronze, even recalled a cautionary tale from her youth where some tanning maintenance would’ve really come in handy…

“One night stands out in my memory of fake tanning then going clubbing and emerging in the morning with big orange and white patches on the back of my legs from where my fake tan had melted off during the night…. all I can say is I am lucky iPhones weren't around then!”

Yikes! Not the best experience but who knows, leg patches might become a trend one day.

Advice For Beginners

Obviously, we encourage you to use sunless tanning products that are good for your skin and easy to apply, like our Eclipse Tanning Mousse!

Not only is the product formulated with the best and most natural ingredients for your skin, but it also gives you the best results to achieve that perfect, glowing tan.

For a more in-depth look on how to get that flawless tan, feel free to check out our Tan Commandments post where we share some trade secrets.

What We’ve Learnt

  • Mitts over hands! This has saved many from mismatched hands and patchy spots, who would’ve thought a glove could do so much good.
  • Two words. Rinse. Thoroughly. Missing that one spot of tanning bronzer can really mismatch the colour of your tan and distract from the overall look. We’ve definitely learnt our lesson there.
  • Leave no area un-moisturised! Remembering to apply a little lotion to smaller parts of our bodies like our knees and elbows can help keep the product from clinging to the dryness and will ensure those areas don’t get too dark when setting.
  • We know now never to go near anything that is harmful to our skin and to our environment, such as tanning beds. .  

Even though we may have looked less than favourable in our early days of tanning, we can’t look back in anger. Those old photos are just a reminder of how far we’ve come and we should be proud that we’ve found a regime that works for us.

We know how to look after our skin a lot better now and have learnt what ingredients should be used on our bodies. That’s why the founders at Luna Bronze, put skincare at the forefront of their products! Their self tanners and tanning lotions will make you feel good as well as look good, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands.

Don’t forget, sunless tanning is supposed to be apart of your beauty routine and so it should be simple, don’t feel pressured to look like a supermodel on your first try. Although if you do, well done!

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