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Sunless Tanning Goes Vegan

Hi Cait. Welcome to The LB Galaxy.  Please introduce yourself...

Hey guys! I’m 27 years old, married to my soulmate, and expecting my first baby in May! :) I own a skincare line called Maluhia Moonstone and I live in Newport Beach, California.

When did you become a vegan and what made you make this big life change?

It’ll be two years in June! I’ve always been attracted to a plant-based diet & I have an immense love for animals, so it was a no-brainer decision for me!

What is the difference between a vegan, vegetarian, and a plant-based diet?

Vegan means avoiding ALL animal products! Not just food, but in your household products/clothing/cars/etc. Vegetarian would be someone who doesn’t eat meat, but still consumes dairy or eggs. Plant-based would mean a way of eating that involves no animal products, but doesn’t necessarily mean they apply it to their lifestyle choices. Some people would say I am plant-based because I do consume local/sustainable honey for medicinal purposes, as a true vegan avoids any & all animal products. But I’m 99% vegan and try my best, so I think that’s all that truly matters for anyone! Every little step in the plant-based or vegan direction makes a huge difference and I don’t think it’s healthy for anyone to dwell on any label.

How did you discover Luna Bronze and when did you start using our sunless tanning products?

A little over a year and a half ago I discovered Luna Bronze on Instagram! I’ve been using these products ever since & they’re hands down the best I’ve ever used!

We know you are expecting your first baby soon (congratulations)! Why is it important to you to use natural and organic products during your pregnancy?

Ahhh, thank you! We are SO excited! :) It’s extremely important to me because everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream within 30 seconds! I live a very non-toxic lifestyle, so ingredients are everything to me! I’m that crazy person that triple checks an ingredient list before purchasing anything- lol!

 What are some of your other favourite vegan beauty brands?

My line Maluhia Moonstone is vegan, so I use my moonstone oil for body/face/hair! I also adore RMS Beauty for makeup (although they do use organic & sustainably sourced beeswax in their products), Inika Organic for makeup as well, and Conscious Coconut!

Vegan beauty is starting to become really popular and 63% of millennials will now only shop green beauty items.  Does this excite you as a new mum to be that the future is looking green?

ABSOLUTELY! I am sooo thrilled to see people opening their eyes to the dangers of chemicals & processed animal by-products in our beauty products! It’s exciting to think about what the world will be like when we ban most of the toxic ingredients that are still legal... we’re getting closer to that day!

We know you and your husband are also passionate about the environment as we are here at Luna Bronze. Could you please tell us more about the environmental practices you have implemented in your daily lives and how do you go about recycling your empty beauty products?

Yes! My husband is a surfer, so seeing our oceans and beaches trashed is so heartbreaking! We like to make simple steps in our daily routine like re-usable water bottles (we love Hydroflask!), little to no single use plastic, and we have a recycling bin at home for our items as well (for aluminium if we buy cans, or glass bottles!) We are not perfect by any means, but we are trying to move towards a more zero waste lifestyle the best we can!

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