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How to use the Luna Bronze Contour Blending Brush

How to use the Luna Bronze Contour Blending Brush

You asked and we LISTENED!

Nailing a flawless glow can be tricky, and with years of self tanning experience, we knew there had to be a better and easier way to get your glow on that will leave you with a streak-free results. So put your mitts together and give a warm welcome to our new Contour Blending Brush 👏🏽👏🏽

Meet your new secret glow weapon that will give you a seriously flawless finish on your next self tanning experience. Our Contour Blending Brush is designed to be used on your face and body (because we love a versatile tanning tool), that'll seamlessly blend in your tan like an absolute dream. Whether you're wanting to snatch your jawline, give your hands some tan or to blend in our fave Good Night Face Bronzing Serum, our brush will be your new bronzing buddy. 

So speaking of a versatile tanning tool, let's lay out every damn way you can make the most of this new Contour Blending Brush.

Fake Tan Contouring

If you're after that snatched, contoured look, we're right behind you! Our new Blending Brush will make contouring 1000x easier. Simply pump mousse onto your Contour Blending Brush and apply in the hollows of your cheeks, over your forehead and on the jawline and watch our brush glide like magic. 

To learn more how to fake tan contour, you can read our blog.

Self Tanning Your Hands and Feet

There is nothing tougher than nailing the tan on your hands and feet. But look no further! Our Contour Blending Brush is the perfect tool at giving you an ultra-seamless and undetectable glow on your hands and feet. 

Simply pump your mousse onto the brush and blend away! Watch how our Contour Blending Brush evenly disperses our tanning mousses around your hands, fingers and wrists. Your friends will literally be asking how you've nailed your glow!

To learn how to fake tan your hands and feet, you can read out blog. 

Blending in our Good Night Face Bronzing Serum

Our infamous GN Bronzing Serum has found it's match! Skip the hand washing stage and avoid any missing serum developing on your hands and apply our serum straight to the face. You can now grab our Contour Blending Brush to evenly and seamlessly apply our bronzing serum for the ultimate GLOW UP.

To learn how to apply our Good Night Face Bronzing Serum, you can read our blog.

Buff Out Your Excess Tan

Unlike a bendy pretzel, we all have edges and curves, and sometimes when applying our tan, a tanning mitt isn't enough! Our elbows and knees come to mind, so to ensure you get a seamless self-tan application on these areas, you can use our Contour Blending Brush to really buff out these areas of any excess tan. If you over apply in these can tell 😬

So enjoy our newest Contour Blending Brush bronzers, and let us know how you use your brush 💜

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