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4 Tools Everyone Should Be Using When Self Tanning

4 Tools Everyone Should Be Using When Self Tanning

There’s no doubt that we’re all after the most flawless looking self tan, so having the right tanning accessories to apply it with is ESSENTIAL. You wouldn’t rock up to a job site without your tools? Well, think of this as the same thing…

We are forever grateful that we are not applying our tan with our bare hands that leave us with streaky marks and neon orange hands. Self tanning has come a long way since then, with some of the most innovative, user-friendly and easy to use self tanning accessories that are here to make your life so much easier.

So read on to find out the must have self tanning accessories that you need to achieve a flawless looking fake tan. And if you don’t have these self tan staples incorporated into your fake tan routine… don’t @ us if your tan isn’t perfect 😮‍💨

So, let’s dive deeper and see the 4 Tools Everyone Should Be Using When Self Tanning!

Exfoliating Mitt

Preparation is key when it comes to the perfect self tan, which is why using exfoliating gloves is a MUST! When preparing the skin as part of your regular self tan routine, you need to exfoliate the skin with an exfoliating glove to remove any dead skin or left over tan from your previous application so that your base (that’s your skin) is smooth as can be.

The best way to scrub up is by using our Exfoliating Mitt. Made from a unique material, it’s designed to scrub away dry, uneven and flaky skin to reveal a healthy, tan-ready skin beneath.

No much of a tanner? Don’t worry, our Exfoliating Mitt is still for you! Incorporate our exfoliating mitt into your weekly shower routine, and buff the skin once to twice per week. This will keep your skin absolutely glowing, especially in the winter months and helps with dry skin, keratosis pilaris (or chicken skin) and helps minimise the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and scars.

Tanning Mitt

Flawless tan 🤝 tanning mitt

Yep, that’s right folks, you cannot achieve the perfect tan without a tanning mitt. Trust us, we’ve done the leg work and it’s not worth skipping this tanning accessory! When you’re in the application part of your self tan routine, incorporating a tanning mitt is essential for achieving a flawless application. It’s easy to use, beginner-friendly and should be an absolute staple to your self tan routine.

The best self tanning mitt, obviously, is our very own. Our mitt is designed of premium, soft material that helps tanning product glide just right over your skin and is designed to make the self tanning process easy-peasy.

You can pair our tanning mitt with either of our Eclipse Tanning Mousse or Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse. Simply pump your mousse onto the mitt and let your mitt do the talking. Use circular motions over the skin and watch our mitt glide over all your beautiful lumps and bumps, giving you a smooth and streak-free application.

Are you more of a lotion based bronzer? Our tanning mitt is still for you! Pump either your Radiant Self Tanning Lotion or Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser onto our mitt and watch it blend the lotion in like a dream! This is perfect for avoiding any nasty fake tan hands!

Self Tan Back Applicator

All the single people in the Lunaverse, put your hands up 🙌🏼

Not everyone has the luxury of having a partner, friend, family-member or fur baby to help us out by applying our tan to our back. We’ve tried all the back tanning tricks. We’ve used a coathanger, sticky-taped a mitt to the wall, used a ladle, and honestly, it’s all too much of a hassle.

✨ In comes our Self Tan Back Applicator 

With all our strong, independent bronzers in mind, we created our infamous Self Tan Back Applicator! An innovative self tan accessory, let no inch of your back go unnoticed with our new self tanning bff. Our Back Applicator takes the stress off bronzing those hard-to-reach places, so you can glow all over!

So, here’s how to use Self Tan Back Applicator!

Simply, pump your mousse onto the centre of the mitt, grab each end and flip it onto your back and start moving the applicator all over your back. It is incredibly easy to use and will glide the tan over every part of your back, giving you the most flawless tan application. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back 😉

Contour Blending Brush

Our last must-have self tan accessory is our Contour Blending Brush (aka a Kabuki Brush)! Perfect for those after the chizzled face look or if you’re after a seamless tan application on your hands and feet, our blending brush will be your ultimate glow weapon!

Because we’re all about a versatile tool, we designed our blending brush to be used for almost anything! Oh, and did we mention that it’s also vegan and cruelty-free? Whether you're applying tan to your face, or getting into the knooks and crannies of your hands, ankles and toes, our blending brush will seamlessly blend in your tan leaving you with an undetectable application.

Simply, pump a small amount of your Luna Bronze tanning mousse directly onto your blending brush, and blend the night away! If you’re wondering how to contour with fake tan or how to tan your hands and feet, we have got you covered.

So, to level up your self tan routine in order to achieve the best self tan results, you need these 4 self tanning tools! And if you’re a religious tanning tool enthusiast, remember to wash your tanning mitt - and seeing as though Luna Bronze are your friendly tanning experts, we’ve of course written a handy guide for you!

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