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7 Tanning Tips From Luna Bronze HQ

7 Tanning Tips From Luna Bronze HQ

If there’s one thing our LB HQ can do well, it’s self tan! 

Say goodbye to streaks, uneven tans & orange hues! Trust us when we say, we’ve done the hard yards, and we KNOW a thing or two on how to nail the perfect self tan. As a female founded and run business, we’ve rounded up the gals in the office to gain their tanning insight on how they nail their totally epic GLOW!


“I’m always on-the-go; whether that be (literally) running around after kids, chasing down a shipment of new products or squeezing in time to catch up with friends and family, so when I do a full-body tan with either Eclipse or Total Eclipse I want it to last as long as possible! I’m a big fan of using my Glow Gradual Tan over the top to extend the life of my tan so that I don’t have to fuss around with another full application as regularly.”

Our best-selling Glow Tanning Moisturiser comes in two sizes (200ml and a jumbo 500ml) and is perfect for maintaining your bronze, or just providing a hint of colour for the most fair skin types. 


“I love the look of wearing makeup, but on days when I can’t be bothered to apply my base I LOVE bringing some bronze to my face with my Eclipse Mousse and Blending Brush. You can contour your face the night before so that you not only wake up with the ultimate glow, but also look like you’re wearing bronzer and have the most defined cheekbones / jawline - *chefs kiss*.”

Check out our girl Kate Schmidt showing us how to get the best face contour of your life in our vid here #LifeChanging


“My number one tip for ensuring you get a super seamless tan is to moisturise your hands, feet, elbows, wrists (basically any dry areas!) before applying your mousse. It stops the tan from gripping to those areas and overdeveloping, which is the most obvious sign of a ‘fake’ tan.”

While any regular lotion will do the trick, our Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser will also give you a hint of colour in these areas, without drying them out.


“I’m OBSESSED with using the LB Contour Blending Brush to buff the tan in around my wrists and ankles - seriously a game changing product to add to my tanning collection and I’m so glad we released it this year.”

Looking for some inspo on how to use the ultimate partner-in-tanning-crime to your advantage? Check out our recent video here that shows you how!


“I’ve recently been travelling a heap so have been LOVING the mini size of our Good Night Serum. The 5ml size is perfect for keeping my face bronzed on the go and doesn’t take up room in my carry-on baggage.”

Got a trip coming up? Why not try out our GNS Mini for yourself - the full-size is one of our best-sellers for a reason and the 5ml is the perfect way to see how it works for you without the commitment. 


“As the in-house content and Tiktok creator for the LB office I’m constantly working out the best ways to use and apply our products. My number one tip for ease of application is to start applying your tan working from the bottom of your body up. That gives you the least messy process and ensure you don’t ruin the seamless glow on one part of your body whilst applying product to another.”

Looking to make your tan application as easy as possible? Add a Tanning Mitt to your Luna Bronze order - it’s an absolute ESSENTIAL for any bronzer.

Pippa and Mindy (Resident Office Pups)

“We’re very familiar with #TanningThursday, but we know we’re not much help at actually tanning our owners backs (the LB Tanning Mitts aren’t really designed for puppy paws!). Thank GOD for the Self Tan Back Applicator so that they can do it themselves.”

Check out our recent video showing you the top seven ways to tan your back - dogs included but not recommend as the Self Tan Back Applicator is truly the star of the show!

So for your next self tanning application, be sure to give these tips a whirl!

Our personal fave is our tip from the office fur babies, Pippa and Mindy, but hey we might be bias 🙈 Be sure to let us know your fave self tanning tip, and we can’t wait to having you bronzing with us in the Lunaverse!

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