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How Ashlee Simpson Ross Achieves Her Summer Glow

How Ashlee Simpson Ross Achieves Her Summer Glow

Summer is HERE and Ashlee Simpson Ross is sharing how she achieves her summer glow and the products she swears by...Luna Bronze obvi.

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting the beautiful Ashlee Simpson Ross and her husband, Evan Ross at our LA event back in June and boy were we starstruck...In the best way possible! Ashlee was incredibly down to earth, so warm and welcoming and of course absolutely glowing, with her Luna Bronze results on show. 

Ashlee hosted our LA event for Skin Cancer Awareness Month and shared her plans for the summer. "This summer, I'm looking forward to travelling." "We're going to be in Europe this summer, and we're really looking forward to it."

As a mum of 3 beautiful children, Ashlee explains why she turns to LB to get her sunless glow on. "I love a good glow. I don't know a lady who doesn't," she said. "We're moms, We're tired. We need a glow."

So here are Ashlee's fave LB products:

Eclipse Tanning Mousse

"For me, I always look to fund a good product and the great thing about Luna Bronze is it's organic and the colours really beautiful and it's really gradual so I support it so much."

Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser

As a mom, Ashlee is all about multi-tasking skin products. "Their all-over moisturiser is really good," Ashlee said. "It's a good colour and I've tried a few different products and this one is really good."

Good Night Face Bronzing Serum

"Luna Bronze has this night serum that I love that you can put on your face, but you don't have to change your skin routine," Ashlee explained. "You can just add it to your lotion, which is amazing, or you can just put it on like a serum."

So if you're wanting to achieve the 'Ashlee Simpson Ross' glow, then you've gotta get your mitts on Luna Bronze. You get a beautiful tan without the damage to your skin, so what's not to love?!

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