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Look Good Feel Good Australia | Proudly supported by Luna Bronze

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

This May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and we are proudly partnering with the wonderful Look Good, Feel Better organisation by donating a percentage of profits from every sale during the month of May.
We're all about Feel Good Bronzing and helping cancer sufferers feel good and feel confident in their own skin is a cause that we are so proud to get behind. 

Ann D Kaguytan from Look Good Feel Better says,

"Look Good Feel Better is a charitable program dedicated to helping women, men and young adults manage the appearance-related effects of cancer and it's treatment. 

LGFB, know that true health care treats the whole person - not just the physical, but the emotional and psychological aspects too. It's easy to forget how much of our identity is related to our physical appearance - things like hair and body image can be a powerful part of that. Our free in-person and live virtual workshops help encourage positive mental health and well-being by providing an empowering sense of control and community of support. 

Since 1989, Look Good Feel Better has gathered women, men and young adults in cancer treatment together to learn from professional beauty experts on how to use cosmetics, skin care products, wigs and head coverings to address the appearance of side-effects that often result from cancer treatments."

Skin health is right at the core of why we do what we do and is the reason behind why we started our sunless tanning journey. The damage the sun can do to your skin is not worth it and we unfortunately know this all too well. This is why we're passionate about encouraging people to get their glow on in a sunless, and skin-safe way. 

We started our tanning minus the sun mission in 2015, after one of our founders had a scary brush with skin cancer. We wanted to change our sun baking ways but couldn't find a sunless tanning brand that made skin-loving ingredients a priority. 

"During my teens and early-mid twenties, I'd lay out in the sun for hours with no sun protection whatsoever, passing the tanning oil around with my friends and trying to get the deepest tan," Maddy says. 

"I developed a basal cell carcinoma in my mid-twenties. The doctors were shocked about my age, as people in their 20's don't usually get these kinds of cancers."

"I realised that if I didn't stop tanning out in the sun, I'd end up covered in these things and scarred for life."

This experience was the wake up call that Maddy & Rhi needed to end their time in the sun and look towards a more a more future proof way of keeping their skin youthful and glowing but without the sun damage. 

Maddy & Rhi's search for a decent self tanning product led them to realise they were unable to find a range of good quality self tanning products that were also hydrating and nourishing for their skin. 

Together, they created Luna Bronze - an inclusive self tanning brand that helps you get your glow on in a nourishing, sustainable way without risking your health under nasty UV rays, so that you can always feel good about bronzing. 

So for the month of May, and every damn month after that, we should be focusing on protecting our skin from the sun and look to sunless tanning to get our glow on. Remember to always protect your money maker #PYMM 🧢

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