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Luna Bronze Journal | Luna's Tan Commandments - Tanning Tips & Tricks

The LB Self Tan Commandments

Have you ever felt a little lost when it comes to applying your self-tanner?

You're not the only one! For self-tanning newbies or even the most experienced bronzers, the whole application experience can seem daunting but our founders are your bronzing besties and bronzing besties and are here to help spill the tea on how to achieve an 11/10 sunless glow every time. 

Repeat after us...

"Thou shall follow the LB Tan Commandments"

1. Thou shall exfoliate: 

If there's one thing that can make or break your sunless tanning results, it's the prep that goes into it beforehand. Get your bod bronze ready with the Back to Base Body Exfoliant which is packed with skin-tastic ingredients that clear away dead skin cells and smoothes your skin getting it ready for your glow. Pair it with our Exfoliating Mitt to get your skin silky-smooth for your sunless tanning application. 

If hair removal is your thing then make sure you shave or wax 24 hours prior to application. This will ensure your pores are closed and you won't end up with the dots that we've all experienced. 

Luna Bronze | Tan Commandments

2. Thou shall moisturise: 

Ever wondered what the secret is to avoid the build up of tan on the dry areas of your skin?

The answer is to MOIST-UR-ISE! 💦

Trust us on this, you need to moisturise the dry parts of your body which include your feet, ankles, knees, underarms, elbows and hands! This stops any excess tan gripping to those areas and will give you a flawless looking self tan. 

Hot Tip: Use our GG Tanning Moisturiser for this step. 

Luna Bronze | Tan Commandments

3. Thou shall apply evenly:

When it comes to applying your bronze it's essential to follow the application instructions - you can't just wing it. 

Using a Tanning Mitt when applying our mousse products is a must! Don't @ us if you use bare hands. Our Self Tanning Mitt gives you that streak-free, glow-all-over, totally-to-die-for tan every time. Made with top-notch materials, plus a thumb grip for an extra smooth ride. It is also machine washable and will last for many applications. 

If you can't reach your back or can't get your partner or roomie to tan your back for you then we've got you with our Self-Tan Back Applicator - this product is genius, if we don't say so ourselves. 

If lotion based products are your jam and you're using GG or Radiant then all you need to do is apply it with your hands and apply the product evenly. But please don't forget to wash your hands well afterwards - trust us!

Pro Tip! Work through the larger portions of your body first when applying, then use the remaining product on smaller spots such as your ankles, elbows, knees and face. 

Luckily, gradual tanners can also serve the dual purpose of building up coverage and prolonging the lifespan of your tan! So there's no need to stock up on excess products. 

It's best to use a tanning moisturiser every other day so that it yields the best results and has your skin looking and smelling amazing. 

Luna Bronze | Tan Commandments

4. Thou shall match my face

Ever had the perfect self-tan...only from the neck down? Us too and that is why we created super easy to use face tanners that are brimming with skin-loving and hydrating ingredients, so you're ready to glow from head-to-toe. 

If you want to gradually build your face tan then look to Illume Face Tanning Mist that will give you an effortless and natural tan over 1-3 applications. You can also use Illume on the top of your hands and feet to blend your body bronze and it can also be used as a makeup setter - jaw dropped!

No time to waste, want your products to work for you whilst you're sleeping and wake up glowing before you've had your morning coffee? Then make way for Good Night Face Bronzing Serum on your bathroom shelf. Incorporate GNS in your nighttime skincare routine and wake up to the glowing skin of your dreams - it's that simple. 

Pro Tip! Use retinols and AHA's the day prior to application to give your skin a light exfoliation to help ensure perfect results. Avoid using them at the same time of applying your face tanning products and the day after.

Luna Bronze | Tan Commandments


Still looking for some more application advice or tips and ticks?

Email us at or drop us a DM @luna_bronze and our team will be there to assist you because everyone deserves to shine bright like a diamond and feel good bronzing!

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