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7 Tanning Tips from our Fave Bronzers

7 Tanning Tips from our Fave Bronzers

It's our 7th Birthday month y'all and why not celebrate all things GLOW and let you in on our top 7 Tanning Tips from around the Lunaverse!

We have been absolutely blessed with our Lunaverse of bronzers and they've done the hard yards in testing, trying and now regularly using our Luna Bronze range! I know, we're blushing too ☺️

Without tooting our own horn, our products are super easy to use and do a lot of the work for you. So sit back, relax and grab a celebratory marg with us, as we're out to give you a whole lot of GLOW!

1. Nicole Zajac 🤝 Cute AF Faux Freckles

Our OG LB girl @nicolezaajac swears by the ultimate hack - how to fake freckles with self tanner!

Lucky for you, she shows you how to nail this trend in a quick tutorial that makes following along at home super easy. All you'll need is your Luna Bronze self tan mousse (we recommend Eclipse for this one) and a spoolie brush. 

Let us know if you try it, we're OBSESSED!

2. Make like Hilary Duff and give Glow a go!

Every wondered where Hilary Duff gets her bronze from? As confirmed by the celeb herself, she is a HUGE fan of our Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser, and we don't blame her one bit!

"Everyone keeps saying, 'you're tan!' and I'm like, 'I knooooow..." the glow queen shared to her Instagram story alongside Luna Bronze's gradual self tanning option. And let us tell you our jaws dropped too!

Glow is perfect for the first-time tanner, to maintain your existing summer bronze or even to extend the life of your Total Eclipse or Eclipse mousse tan throughout the week. The lotion is packed with hydrating vitamins A, B and E that also fight signs of aging and improve skin texture, and it revives dry, dull skin in minutes. Who doesn't love a multi-tasking product?! 

3. Not one, not two, but FIVE top tips with Haley Ivers

Glow girl @haleyivers went one step further and rounded up her top 5 tanning tips into one quick video - you can watch it here!

Whether you're looking for a way to get the tan on your hands or feet perfect, or the best way to get the best looking bronze on your elbows, Haley has got you covered. 

She uses our Self Tanning Mitt to ensure a really seamless application over the whole body. Grab one for yourself today to level up your self-tan!

4. Maintain a busy-gal glow like Ashlee Simpson Ross

The lB team had the pleasure of meeting Ashlee Simpson Ross in person when she hosted our June 2022 event in LA for Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and boy did we fall in LOVE!

Whilst incredibly down-to-earth and easy to chat about everything with, Ashlee also shared her fave LB products with us, and let us in on her top tanning tips. 

"I love a good glow. I don't know a lady who doesn't," she said. "We're moms, We're tired. We need a glow."

She then went on to explain how a multi-tasking product is best for her busy routine, "Luna Bronze has this night serum that I love that you can put on your face, but you don't have to change your skin routine. You can just add it to your lotion, which is amazing, or you can just put it on like a serum."

For those not in the know, she's referring to our Good Night Face Bronzing Serum - the BEST in the biz for waking up looking like you've had a solid 8hrs of sleep. 

5. Ensure you exfoliate like Logan Rae Hill for a flawless application

A big fan of our Eclipse Tanning Mousse, @loganrae_hill is always boasting a major glow from the inside out. Her secret? Ensuring she exfoliates her entire body the day prior to tanning!

The key to a seamless glow is by making it look flawless and undetectable, and there's no bigger red flag to a fake tan than those not so cute dark dots that develop. The key to dodging this is by exfoliating the day before!

Logan Rae Hill absolutely smashed her self tan application, so why not follow in her footsteps and give this step a try! Do all the hard yards the day prior, and let yourself enjoy the self tan process! And if that's with a marg, of course, grab one of those too...We're right behind you!

6. Get the perfect self tan on your hands like Jessica Teague

If you're like us, you know that getting the tan on your hands (and feet) perfect is a STRUGGLE sometimes, which is why we are forever in debt to LB girl @jessicalteague for her tanning hack. 

Rather than using a mousse all the way down to her fingers, Jessica finishes off her self-tanning routine by taking our Illume Mist to spritz over her hands. Want in? You can check out the full video here

Illume both hydrates and bronzes your skin, making it the perfect tool to maintain a seamless glow all the way down to your fingernails. 

7. Ace your back application with our girl Leyah Donegal!

It's no secret that tanning your back is one of the least fave parts of self-tanning...It should be an Olympic sport at this stage! The positions we have to bend into to reach every crevice on our back is near impossible!

But our in office Lee Lee, has made self tanning your back an absolute dream by smashing through 7 ways to tan your back!

Our Self Tan Back Applicator is the obvious choice from the bunch 😂 It makes tanning your back an absolute BREEZE! Simply grab your mitt, pump your mousse on the center of the mitt, and get rubbing...You'll never look back (LITERALLY)!

So here's to you LUNAVERSE! We wouldn't be here today without you all and we appreciate all the love and support...We're cheersing to you!

Head to our site and hit up these self tan glow makers and make sure you give these tips a try! Your glow will be out of this world 🌙🌙🌙

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