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Two girls in beachwear on a pink and purple cloudy sky background looking into the distance - Feel Good Bronzing by Luna Bronze

Feel Good Bronzing With Luna Bronze

Hello Luna-verse,

We want to give a massive shout-out to our galaxy of bronzers.

We wouldn't be here, 6 years on, without the support of our glowing galaxy. Your engagement and support keeps us going and most notably, makes us feel good!

So now, it's your turn!

What better way can we celebrate our bright community, then announcing the launch of our Feel Good Bronzing campaign! 

We started Luna Bronze after searching for the missing piece in our self-care routines that made ourselves, and our skin feel good. Trust us, we've done the leg work!

At Luna Bronze we do things differently. We acknowledge that sunless tanning isn't a 'must have' - you already have a beautiful body and gorgeous skin (that your mama gave you)!

But boy, does an effortless, and sunless glow go a long way!

There is no better feeling than the moment when you see the glowy, bronzy results of your sunless tanner. It just makes you feel GOOD!

 During these crazy times, we want you to savour every single one of these glorious moments in your self-care routines. Grab that wine glass/bottle, fill up the bath, put some tines on and just zone out! Whether you're meeting up with the squad on zoom, catching up with your loved ones or if you just need a few minutes away from the kids. Try to prioritise it every now and then!

When you use Luna Bronze, we want you to feel confident, feel loved and most importantly, feel good.

 We're so excited to bring our Feel Good Bronzing Campaign into orbit. 

Thanks for bronzing with us Luna-verse 💫

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