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How to choose the right Luna Bronze product for you

How to choose the right Luna Bronze product for you

Our days of tanning in the sun are over.

We're a Luna-verse of sunless tanners who are after the best glow to match our skin for any time of year. Whether you're after that 'just came back from vacation' bronze or something a little more natural to enhance your skin's natural glow. 

Luna Bronze has you covered. 

At Luna Bronze, we know that everyone is different and has different sunless tanning preferences depending on their skin type. We tailor your glow to the result that you prefer. 

So below is our guide to navigating how to fund the best sunless tanning product for your body.

Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser

Our Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser is a self tanning moisturiser designed for everyday use. Glow contains a blend of ultra-nourishing and hydrating oils to replenish the skin whilst building a natural-looking, even tan. It's a multi-tasking lotion that can bed used as an everyday moisturiser, a tan enhancer, skin perfecter, or light self tanner.
We recommend our Glow Gradual tanning Moisturiser to those who are looking for a subtle, natural glow that can be buildable upon application, making it perfect for tanning newbies.

Radiant Self Tanning Lotion

Our Radiant Self-Tanning Lotion will deliver a medium, illuminating tan, thanks to the natural tinted caramel extracts. Your Radiant tan will continue to develop and deepen over the next 12 hours.
Radiant is perfect for beginner and intermediate tanners and those who want an easy to apply, lotion-based tan that develops overnight. 

Eclipse Tanning Mousse

Eclipse Tanning Mousse provides that 'just came back from Europe' bronze that develops over the following 6-12 hours. Eclipse is what we would call a 'medium' tan that gives you a beautiful, natural-looking olive-based glow.
Eclipse is perfect for those with light to medium skin tones after medium tanning results. As with all our tanning mousses, Eclipse will need to be applied with the Luna Bronze Tanning Mitt to ensure an even application.

Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse

Our Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse is our Express formula that is designed to give your skin an instantly deep tan that also continues to develop within 1-3 hours. The results can be compared to a spray tan but can be applied in the comfort of your own home. 
Total Eclipse is our deepest tanning product that is perfect for those with light-medium skin tones, and those who are expert tanners. As with Eclipse, Total Eclipse should also be applied with the Luna Bronze Tanning Mitt for a perfect application.

Illume Face Tanning Mist

Our Illume Face Tanning Mist gives you a beautiful glow with just a quick spritz. Illume gradually develops over -13 applications and can be used by itself, whenever you need to refresh your glow throughout the day, or can be used in conjunction with our Good Night Face Bronzing Serum to extend the life of your tan.
Illume is great for someone with fair-light skin tones who are after natural, gradual results. It's also specifically designed for the face and is non-comedogenic, which means it won't clog your pores.

Good Night Face Bronzing Serum

Our Good Night Face Bronzing Serum delivers overnight results whilst you get your beauty sleep. Good Night also hydrates and nourishes the skin thanks to its Vitamin C rich Australian native extracts. 
Good Night puts you in control of your glow, with 1-3 drops giving light-natural results, whilst using 5-10 drops will develop a very bronzy complexion to the skin. This is perfect for all skin types who are after a glowier complexion. 

Here's our quick go-to tanning guide depending on your skin type: 

Fair - Light Skin Tones: Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser, Radiant Self Tanning Lotion, Illume Face Tanning Mist

Light - Medium Skin Tones: Radiant Self Tanning Lotion, Eclipse Tanning Mousse, Good Night Face Bronzing Serum 

Medium - Deep Skin Tones: Eclipse Tanning Mousse, Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse, Good Night Face Bronzing Serum

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