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Your journey to sunless tanning starts here

Step into the Luna-verse, your ultimate destination for a safer, sun-kissed look. Our story began with a heartfelt realisation when one of our co-founders faced a skin cancer diagnosis that changed the way we thought about tanning forever. Fuelled by the desire to reimagine the concept of achieving a sun-kissed glow, Luna Bronze was born.


Clear self tanner

Sick of tan-stained sheets and clothing? Our brand new Solar Eclipse Mousse contains no guide-colour and goes onto the skin completely clear, designed to give you a mess-free experience with zero transfer.


Good Nights ahead

The skincare product that has taken the beauty world by storm. Loved worldwide and sold out multiple times, these revolutionary tanning drops provide an effortless bronzed look overnight while you sleep...


Confident, radiant glow

Your best self tanner experience, ever. Explore the ultimate collection of natural self tanning products that will leave you with a stunning, bronzed glow - without the harmful effects of the sun.

On the Journal

Go Clear with Solar Eclipse - the Game Changing Self Tan

Go Clear with Solar Eclipse - the Game Changing Self Tan

Introducing our newest product in the Luna Bronze range, please give a warm and CLEAR welcome to Solar Eclipse Clear Tanning Mousse: the game changing self...

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4 Tools Everyone Should Be Using When Self Tanning

4 Tools Everyone Should Be Using When Self Tanning

There’s no doubt that we’re all after the most flawless looking self tan, so having the right tanning accessories to apply it with is ESSENTIAL. You wouldn’t rock up to...

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“It really does give a glowing finish, which I've never seen from any other self-tanner. It reminds me more of really potent vitamin C serums, and just so happens to give your skin a boost in terms of color as well.”

– Danielle Sinay

“Not only does it moisturise the heck out of your skin, it also delivers a nice, even bronze. In short: buy it”

"... laying out in the sun to tan is simply not worth it! An authentic looking tan can be achieved easily, and even fades like a real tan without any of the skin damage. Sunless tanning is derm approved!"

– Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)